Range of services

Commercial Property Management

  • Representing the owner (to authorities, insurances,tenants and suppliers)
  • Optimising conditions
  • Reporting
  • Investment planning
  • Budget creation and Administration
  • Central legal management
  • Active cost management
  • Insurance management
  • Statement of service charges

Letting Management

  • Planning, coordination and implementation of the whole letting activities
  • Handover and return of areas
  • Area management
  • Marketing for the property

Center Management

  • Tenant support and tenant advice
  • Centre organization
  • Updating and optimizing the tenant mix
  • Consultancy of the client in the planning and implementation of structural measures
  • Centermarketing, advertising and public relations
  • Commercial support for the advertising community coordination and implementation of the whole letting activities

Positioning of the property

  • Research, analysis and detailed rating of properties
  • Stabilisation /optimisation of the yield inclusive controlling
  • Survey of the statutory situation of the building with regard to utilisation variants
  • Active  optimisation consulting

Technical and infrastructural Property Management

  • Maintenance planning
  • Optimising conditions
  • Organisation and control of contractors
  • Support of TÜV (technical inspectorate) and other inspections
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Tenant-specific and special projects
  • Quality management